The Stairwell Elevator

A Unique Flip on Home Accessibility

Advantages Over Existing  Residential Elevators

This is not like any other elevator!

  • Affordable option to a care facility (senior center, home living center)
  • Much easier to install – no shaft construction required
  • Greater space conservation – hides under stairs
  • Considerably shorter installation time
  • Perfect solution for the age-in-place
  • No living space or closets are sacrificed
  • 220VAC dedicated circuit
  • Can be installed in almost any home with stairs
  • Preserves the current aesthetics of the residence
  • Discreet – undetectable when lowered
  • No dedicated elevator shaft, pit, or overhead clearance required
  • Safe constant pressure controlled
  • Disruptive innovation in the market
  • Covered under US Patent Laws. Patent Number 7096998.

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